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Business Premise

Given the tough global economic environment, businesses are looking at ways in which they can cut costs and at the same time increase sales and profit.

In such situations there is a need to laser focus on the sales opportunities that have the highest return and to invest the marketing spend on areas that would yield the greatest benefit.

To achieve profits, we have to identify the target markets for new opportunities, key drivers for the value proposition, manage the effectiveness of the promotion, motivation of the sales channels and effectively combat pricing competitive pricing pressures from the market without cannibalizing the brand.

The information to support the decision making related to such situation lies in the tacit knowledge existing within the sales and marketing community. We offer solutions for a range of sales and marketing challenges through our discovery techniques that would enable business to capture and analyze the tacit knowledge from the field. This coupled with our proprietary software as a service offering would provide the scale and automation that is needed to deliver consistency and uniformity that will ensure the success of the discovery techniques throughout the enterprise.

For example given this current environment, businesses are worried that they are losing profit margins as their sales people are lowering the price of the product in order to achieve their sales quota. How to get the sales organization to sell the productís value proposition and not focus solely on price as the key driver of sales is a recurring challenge being faced in the field today.

To have a holistic view of the situation and obtain actionable insights for such challenges, there is a need to capture feedback and knowledge from the various players in the value chain such as the distributor, retailer, consumer, sales representative, sales management and other stakeholders.