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NSi Business Solutions has worked with clients across multiple verticals such as:

● Technology
● Publishing
● Consumer Products
● Finance
● Industrial Products

The services that we offer our clients have been to address their needs across a broad array of areas which include

● Building a Value Proposition for Small and Medium Business (SMB) Partners & Distributors
● Handling Competitive Pricing Situations by providing a way to create tangible value for the
   organizations Intangible assets
● Building strategies and approaches to launch the New Products into the Market
● Creating a system to excite and motivate the Channels to push our client's products

Identifying the blind spots and gaps that exists in the successful execution of our client's promotional activity These challenges are faced by most companies today and through our Field Studies and Diagnostic Work, we have built a unique Methodology and Processes and provide Software Solutions that are scalable building blocks to create an environment for Dynamic Decision Management. We do this through our three step approach of

● Discovery
● Analytics
● Solution Development

Through this process we are able to identify the root cause analysis of the situation thus identifying the key issues and the value drivers that are influencing the business. We have built scalable models that would use our Software Solution.